Welcome to the homepage for our Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign. This should serve as an excellent way to track our shared story, the characters we meet, the world they inhabit, and the adventures they are yet to face.

As always, any questions you might have, please email me or text or send a particularly sassy pigeon my direction. (Sassy pigeons only, I have no need for any of those basic bitch birds cluttering up my yard)

During our campaign the information found in our Wiki will be changing and more details will be added as we go. So it should be accurate, and I will have the Adventure Log ready for those times that we need a recap before we play.

Once everything is organized, I’m hoping that this will be a good way for the group to keep eyes on the setting and track what has happened beforehand. So please bear with me as I get organized and familiar with the layout here, and I’ll try my best to make sure it stays updated.