The city of Oakengate sits nestled in the relative middle of the island of Andefera. For many it is a stop over on their way traveling across the island. But it is so much more. It is not simply a “one tavern town.” No siree! The mayor would like you to know that they have FOUR whole taverns within city limits, and an extra one if you count the moonshinery that is up by the hills just to the east of the city.

There is a modest public library, a school that covers all ages, and much of the higher learning is done through internships and work study programs of a sort. So for those studying alchemy they either would work with one of the people in the city after they graduated, or they would likely travel to a larger city to attend a more formal university.

Here are some locations and NPCs of note:
The Mayor- Silas Ika
The Adventurer Guild Chapter Leader- Hareil Garian

Bari’s Magical Emporium
Armors and Shields
Twilight Weaponry
The Ruby Quill
Velvet and Lace
Connor’s Clothing
Sapphire’s Staff

The Bronze Fang
Ember’s Repose
The Emerald Toad
The Sword and Mace

Notable quirks:

The Ruby Quill, Sapphire’s Staff, and The Emerald Toad, are all located on the same square directly surrounding a small fountain area. This has given the area the nickname “the gem quarter”.

Several orchards outside of town supply the local bars with plenty of fresh fruit ciders. Mead is prevalent, as is local ale. The town exports much of their stock to the capital, but there’s always something available at the local taverns.


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