The World

The world in which your characters live and explore is called Eunne. (Pronounced “You’n”)

A majority of the world exists in the sea north of an area known as The Rift. Though much of our campaign is set in a series of islands to the south. More information on why that is the case can be found here Traversing the Rift.

Eunne is a relatively populous and civilized world. There is law and order in most of the corners of the world. Though the extent of this presence and the strictness of the laws themselves do vary. Even though monsters often rule over areas of the countryside most uprisings are quickly quelled. The Islands have adapted well since the opening of the rift and the adventurer guilds are a popular career choice for many of the citizens living in the islands.

Government of the islands is varied. Many are democratically elected, and a central group meets in Calais to ensure that the needs of every island are met. Each island gets a single delegate to this group, and their delegates are replaced as desired by each of the islands (and not on a set term limit). More information can be found here Government.

The world beyond the rift is made up of several large continents. More information can be found here The World Beyond the Rift.

The World

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