The World Beyond the Rift

The world beyond the rift is made of a series of large landmasses. Almost completely separated from the southern islands. Generally only the very wealthy are able to traverse past the rift. And for those that do attempt the journey it is treacherous.

North of the rift could very well be considered a foreign planet in terms of it’s location. Most born in the south will never see the area themselves. Those that do travel describe three huge landmasses that dwarf the size of the island chain south of the rift. They are slightly more advanced both technologically and socially due to their higher population and land mass size.

War between the three continents is a common occurrence (according to the small bits of information that do travel back and forth beyond the rift). Frequent skirmishes or “one year wars” are relatively common. This leaves the political state of the northern area more in flux due to constant shuffling of politicians to try to stave off longer wars.

Maps of the northern seas are easy to buy, but the need for them is rare, which means that only well stocked shops usually carry them. You’re more likely to find one in one of the northern coastal towns than anywhere south of Calais.

The World Beyond the Rift

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