Traversing the Rift

-Most ships choose to sail around the rift. The passage from most ports of call will take upwards of a month and a half. It is only attempted during periods of good weather, as the seas on either end of the rift are nearly impassible during winter storms. It is a long and very perilous journey. Passage on a ship is likely to cost somewhere around 7,000gp per person.

-Some ships try to traverse straight across the rift. By either docking and having crew and cargo hike across, or by portaging the boats on sloughs made of timber. This is considered to be even more dangerous than sailing around, and many travelers and sailors have been killed by the deadly terrain. The average cost of a portage is around 10,000gp per person, and the trip is two weeks shorter than sailing around.

-Some brave few try to sail south through the ice floes that block the southern pole. Roughly half the vessels that attempt this journey do not return, and neither crew nor cargo is ever seen again. Only the very foolish or brave attempt this route, and it is 10,000gp per person. (travel time is very variable, and is hotly contested due to the inconsistency in boats making it across)

-Rumors of the northern continents working on Airships have begun to make their way south. However at this time, they are only rumors and no such vessels have been created.

Traversing the Rift

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