The Rift

Session Four!

Chicken Soup for the Hag's Soul

With the sound of crashing footfalls and evil screams surrounding the group, they fled up the hill to where a farmhouse stood. A lovely young blonde woman stood there and ushered them in. With hesitation they took her up on the offer of sanctuary. Olasatra hurried them upstairs as the creature coming through the trees after them made a full appearance.

A Bulette emerged from the woods and immediately began wreaking havoc on the barn. The young woman explained that each day for several weeks the farm had been targeted near dusk. The creature had eaten nearly all of their livestock (save one final chicken that she’d made into a soup that was bubbling away downstairs). Olasatra explained that the rest of her family had already fled and that she planned on joining them the following day. She had stayed to try to save what she could but she had to admit that she had failed.

Exhausted and tired, she offered the group some of the soup. She ate some, as did several of the others. It was actually pretty excellent soup. Their vantage point on the second floor offered them some safety and so they all went to sleep to try to wait it out.

Late that night, they woke up with an intruder in their midst. A horrifying hag stood in the hallway watching everyone sleeping. She had a gnarled and horrible visage and even in the moonlight she was a horrifying figure. The party called to action, but it wasn’t long before they realized that everyone who had eaten the soup (even the young woman) was petrified.

Thinking fast, Ellie, Miri, and Bardo leapt into action. They attacked the hag. Bardo summoned an elemental, and it helped to block much of the damage that was directed at the party. Hearing the commotion, the Bulette decided to make an appearance. It burst into the upstairs and started to fight the elemental.

Unfortunately with half their party incapacitated, they were unable to fend off both the hag and the bulette. It fled toward the woods with the elemental in hot pursuit and the hag put the remaining party members into a state of paralysis as well.

The last words they heard were the hag’s voice singing them to sleep with a terrifying lullaby. “Above black crows wheeling, All of a sudden swooping, My little baby stealing, Sleep little ones, sleep. Above the birds ascending, My baby’s flesh they’re rending, And all I am attending, Sleep little ones, sleep.”

And then, all was darkness…


SprinklesTheFrog SprinklesTheFrog

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