The Rift

Session One!

The 'Splodening...

Our campaign began in earnest as our intrepid adventurers found themselves doing the most important part of their journey… Running errands.

A sudden loud crack was heard, and upon investigating they learned that a prisoner transport wagon headed to Cydweli had broken an axle on the main road. Miri took to questioning the prisoner (Jack) inside (who she learned was both handsome and innocent of treason). Finellen, Siobhan, Bardo, and Theodore all worked to try to organize some assistance for the guards, and managed to earn 50 gold for their trouble. As they worked to get the supplies needed, Siobhan headed over to talk to her friend Torinn and fill him in on the details of the captured man.

Miri caught up with Bardo and Theodore as they were headed to get the new axle and she explained that the man in the wagon was innocent and she thought that he should be freed. Theodore was slightly hesitant, but he agreed to hear her out after they got the part back to the wagon.

As they approached, a huge explosion blasted apart a building about a block further down the road from the transport. Miri noticed a figure in blue standing there watching the cart. Before anyone could really react, a second explosion happened equidistant behind the transport. And within moments the transport exploded, sending it rocketing into the wall and shattering it, and knocking everyone down.

In the chaos afterward, Siobhan, Theodore, and Miri discovered that the prisoner had not been in the transport when it was broken. Theodore cast an illusion to lure some of the guards away so they could get a moment of peace. And Bardo used the ruse of “helping the injured” to pickpocket 7 gold from one of the unconscious victims of the explosions.

A Galeb Dhur was awakened in the chaos, viewed the nearest guard as a threat and knocked him out. Siobhan managed to help the guard not light on fire, Torinn lifted him up to prevent him from moving around and hurting anyone, and FInellen bonked him on the head to get him to relax. It worked. He started speaking Terran, and signaled he wanted to be put down. As soon as he could, he ran over to the woman near where he’d come from and he started to speak to her in terran. He shoved Bardo away from her (preventing him from stealing anything else from her).

The guards returned, and seeing the chaos (and the party standing in the middle of it), they asked the group to return with them. They managed to schmooze their way out of a cell and into the courtroom. Finellen expertly got the group a lovely dinner as well. And for three hours they waited as statements were collected. Soon the guards had collected the evidence.

They found themselves staring down the mayor, the leader of the town guard, and the leader of the adventurer guild. The news was not good. Too many conflicting statements (combined with their relative newness to town) put them as suspects in the man’s escape. Outrage was expected, and just as things were getting heated, Hareil vouched for the group. The guard captain and the mayor left, and Hareil explained the situation.

Though he did not believe that the group was involved, he could not risk the chance that he was wrong. He asked the party to do something in thirty days:

-Learn about who really had caused the accident and clear their names.
-If they truly have no connection to the Blue Flame, they could find information to damage their organization.
-Work to show that they have Oakengate’s best interests at heart and show that they are not the monsters that this act would otherwise imply.

Hareil explained that if they could not do any of these things in thirty days, that he would recant his statement and given the strict punishments involved, the party would be outlawed. If they were still in town, they would be hung, if they tried to leave this reputation would likely follow them. So in essence he warned that they deal with it now in Oakengate, or if they flee, they may deal with it later down the line.

Needless to say, the news was a bit grim.

The group banded together to go and look at the scene of the crime. Bardo and Theodore had a keen memory for teleportation spells, and they figured out the type likely used to save Jack before the explosion. They decided to go speak to the witnesses that were alive and they headed down to the healer.

On the way there, they were followed by a terrifying “man” in a blue cloak. He spoke cryptically, and his small companion was with him. He asked the party how they survived the explosion. And after conferring with the small fae with him, it said they should be dead. He explained that the fae doesn’t lie about the list. He looked at the party and spoke a single sentence.

“Who protects you?”


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