The Rift

Session Three!

Rumors, and Pixies, and Screams. Oh My!...

The party started on the journey to Cydweli with a spring in their step. Some were happy to be on an adventure, some were just happy to be leaving Oakengate. But the spirits were high as they headed out on the start of their grand adventure.

They had traveled about two days when they realized that they were being followed again. Like a bad joke, apparently folks just wanted to know what they were up to at all times. This time Siobhan noticed their follower between the trees. Rushing toward them, axe raised she was somewhat surprised to see a tiny little fae flying there. As round as she was tall, she was layered with dozens of flower petals, leaves, twigs, moss, and pretty much anything she could find in order to make her puffy and round.

With extreme enthusiasm, she greeted the group and explained that they had been ever so hard to find but that her mistress would be quite pleased. The group learned that her mistress (whom she didn’t want to name for fear that the group was being “watched”) worshiped the god of fate and that she had intervened on their behalf in order to make sure they were safe.

The pixie herself was not the best messenger ever and sadly couldn’t tell them too much about the other group or what the vision of their future had shown. She did tell them that the man they were approached by was named Lysander, but that was about it. She then offered to take a message back. Siobhan wrote one out and the group continued on.

As they entered into the first town they came to on their travels, they stopped in at “The Horses Main”, which was the only inn in the whole town. There, they met a chicken named Steve who was the owner. He’d been polymorphed by his ex wife in a jealous spat. And he’d been this way for many years. He seemed reasonably alright with this, but he did say that he hoped she’d turn him back sometime before she died of old age. Bardo knew a lot about polymorph spells due to his time pirating, and he figured that it was the sort of spell that must be undone by the caster. Which is an extremely high level spell indeed and seemed out of the realm of possibility for most average housewives. The group offered to keep an eye out for his wife, and they spent the night.

As they prepared to leave the next morning, they got word that about a day ahead there had been rumors of goblin activity. And two days ahead something had scared a bunch of farmers out of their homes. Undeterred, the group continued onward.

Soon they found themselves in the area where the goblin activity had been reported. Sure enough, they heard commotion ahead. After some wrangling, they convinced Siobhan not to run ahead so that they could get the element of surprise and she grudgingly agreed. Miri and Torinn snuck ahead and observed two passengers fighting off five goblins as one of the passengers lay gravely injured on the ground.

They headed back to the group, and Bardo snuck ahead. He created an extremely effective illusion further down the road in order to lure out any other goblins that might have been waiting to ambush. Luckily there were none, and he managed to thin the herd by luring two away. The group all got into position and started to ready their attacks.

As the battle started, the entire group went full bore on the goblins. They managed to dispatch them all since they took them by surprise. As the dust settled, Torinn and Ellie healed up the injured and Torinn helped them find their horses so they could get back on the road. The group was very thankful and rewarded them with some money. After saying farewell, the group continued on the road.

The next day, they reached the area where the farmers had been scared away from. Ellie and Theo recalled folk tales about a griffon and a bog hag in the area. Both were old tales, but they were something to go on. Bardo found a well used game trail and figured that was a likely spot that the creature (whatever it was) was using. And they spotted what looked to be an abandoned farm nearby and figured that could be helpful.

The group stayed on the road discussing their next move. They could choose to go to town and find out more about what had happened, or they could investigate the farm for clues, or they could head out on the path. Four of the group chose the farm and two chose the path. Siobhan was already starting down the path, however, so they called to her to try to get her to come back.

Unfortunately though, all their discussing (and the relative inability to work as a unit since they were still getting to know one another) meant that they had tarried a bit too long. They heard a horrifying gutteral scream and they all rolled for initiative to see what would happen next time.


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