The Rift

Session Two!

Talky, talky, talky... No more talky...

After being accosted by the strange man in the alley with a single sentence, they were surprised also by his appearance. He looked almost necrotic with thick tattoos and bits of ragged skin that seemed far too leathery. However closer inspection made the group think that it was more likely an illusion than his actual skin. He repeated the question, and they surrounded him as Ellie flanked him at the far side of the alley.

The man proceeded to explain that the group should have perished during the explosion. After demanding to know who their protector was, the group had enough of his cryptic words. As it became clear that the group didn’t know what he was talking about, he said that his order would be watching. The group left him in the alley and continued on to the hospital.

When they arrived, the nurse on staff for the evening was a bit hesitant to let them in. But after some outstanding checks, she was swayed and let them in. They spoke first to the woman who’d been friends with the Galeb Dhur. She was now conscious, and after they discussed what had happened, they were able to convince her to vouch for their innocence with the town guard. She and the Galeb Dhur explained a bit about their knowledge of the events, but it was scarce to say the least. But they had secured a character witness.

Around that time, Bardo was overtaken by a horrible smell that seemed to emanate from his person. As he left to the privy, the smell faded and by the time he came back, it was gone.

The group then turned their attention to the guard who’d been injured during the attack. He was still hurting pretty badly, but the group spoke with him at length about what had happened. He also agreed to testify on their behalf and amend his statement to help secure their innocence. The group was able to make sure that they would no longer be dogged by the ‘wrong place wrong time’ accusations that had plagued the day’s events.

After asking some questions about the prisoner, the guard explained what he knew. He’d been accused of being part of a group that had been murdering government officials. Apparently he was the last one still to face trial, so they were taking him to Cydweli to face trial. The wagon had broken down and they’d paused in the city to get it fixed, and that’s when all hell had broken loose.

They thanked the man and all decided to leave. After speaking to Torinn they learned that his shellmate was missing after attempting to go north across the rift. He wanted to go look for her, and after some discussion, the others agreed on a tentative plan to do just that as they tried to figure out who their mysterious benefactor could be (and who the man in the alley was).

The next morning they spoke with Hareil and he explained that they were in the clear officially. As they started out of town, they ran into a noise complaint from the home nearest the town’s cemetery. Apparently there had been some serious complaints about the noise at all hours.

As they went in to investigate the sounds, they found a handsome yet harried looking young man in the home. He seemed hesitant to let them in claiming that his roomate was a musician. But the group was not fooled. They managed to get inside with some clever words, and they found a group of skeletons wandering around. The man was a novice necromancer and had forgotten the “obey” step in his conjuring. So the skeletons were just ambling around breaking things and such.

The group knew that the only way to stop the creatures was to break them. So they started to smash them up. The battle was pretty heavy as everyone chopped and shot and spelled their way through the brittle creatures. Bardo used a large spell in a small space, and unfortunately managed to hit Ellie. Upon seeing this, Siobhan was enraged and she knocked him unconscious. Torinn healed him up and got him back on his feet and the rest of the party left as Siobhan took an opportunity to sleep with the handsome young magician.

The group got paid for their work (as it was a adventure guild contract at that point), and they gathered their things and started out on the road to Cydweli…


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