Interpersonal Relationship Quck Reference

A quick guide to how your characters have interacted before the start of our campaign. We can add on notes here to help keep things clear for all of us as we play the game as well.

-Theo and Bardo are acquainted through their contacts in the criminal side of Oakengate. As a pirate, Bardo found himself in need of a fence, and Theo was luckily able to assist him as a rogue.

-Due to her mysterious criminal past, Miri also came into contact with Theo, and was thus introduced to Bardo by extension.

-Miri is a monk, and therefore spends quite a bit of time at the local unified house of worship, where she met Torinn (and through him, Siobhan).

-Torinn is in search of his sister, and after leaving his mountain home, he traveled through Siobhan’s village and was able to find shelter with her. Upon learning of his quest, Siobhan saw it as a chance for adventure and the two have been together ever since.

-Ellie is new to town (renting a room) but has met Torrin at one of the local magic shops.

Interpersonal Relationship Quck Reference

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