Nemmonis Torinn

Nemmonis Torinn: Male Dragonborn Cleric



Torinn is a old-generation dragonborn, and more closely resembles his dragon sires than many.

  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6’ 7"
  • Weight: 305 lbs
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: N/A
  • Skin: Blue

Torinn’s draconic ancestry is that of the Blue Dragons, giving his scales a pale blue hue. Like others of his ancestry, Torinn has the ability to exhale a smokey cloud crackling with electricity.


Torinn (Dragonborn always list their clan names first) was born in a small dragon village in the mountains to the north of Oakengate. He grew up with his twin sister, Thava, in a relatively middle-class home in a village of no more than 100 souls.

Thava and Torinn were always close to the old crone Sora and eventually learned many of the customs and spells associated with the dragon god Bahamut. Although dragonborn are almost never considered “religious,” Thava and Torinn soon became sought out as healers and spiritual guides in their community.

One day, Thava decided that she wanted to see the world beyond their small village, and left to seek passage beyond the rift. Torinn, who had always been a homebody and wanted nothing more than to keep it that way, balked and told Thava that she was being silly and that she’d turn back before she made it to Oakengate.

But now, more than a year has passed, with no word from Thava. After several short journeys to Oakengate to seek word of his sister’s fate, Torinn has decided to stay there, working odd jobs and helping at the local community temple, all the hoping for news of Thava and saving up for his own passage beyond the Rift to seek her out.


Having only been in Oakengate to stay for a few weeks, Torinn knows few people. He does see a friendly face in Siobhan, a human from a town in the hills that Torinn’s village was known to trade with. He’s also become friends with Finellen (Ellie) Fireforge, who frequents the magic shop that Torinn sometimes trades with.

Abilities as a cleric

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Nemmonis Torinn

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